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Dr. Willy and Dr. Jessie Bustinza

General Surgeon and Pediatrician Team

Willy and Jessee Bustinza are a general surgeon and pediatrician team serving with at Hospital Misión Tarahumara in Mexico’s remote Copper Canyon. The Bustinzas work among the Tarahumara indigenous community, a tribe of approximately 100,000 people who are virtually un-reached by the Gospel.

Through medical care, the Bustinzas desire to introduce the Tarahumara people to the Creator God who is not distant, but rather who loves and cares for them.

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rosie orozco

Rosi Orozco

President of Comision Unidos Vs Trata

Author / Advocate for Human Rights / Activist Against Human Trafficking

Author of "Blank Page"

In Blank Page, Rosi Orozco honestly and passionately portrays the harsh reality of human trafficking; among its pages are its causes, its dimensions, the deep pain of its victims and the way back to recovery. Through the telling of true stories, ten brave survivors gain a voice. Their experiences, together with practical information — the fruit of in-depth research that crosses borders and decades — reveal in full force the nature of this global problem.

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maria romero

Maria Romero

Maria Romero ministers to the women in CIAD, a drug rehabilitation center in Cananea Sonora, Mexico.

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