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Nomvula Mukute, Women’s Power of Prayer Rally on July 3rd, 2020, Praying for the State of Women Globally, from South Africa, Interview

Is the full expression of distinction on a lady small in stature but powerful in her domain to influence and Impact the lives of many women both young and old. She carries a resolute mind that is focused on the goals to emancipate, build, and create women of all persuasions to become agents of change. She has crisscrossed the path of greatness and is heavily involved in media and community related initiatives from radio, talkshows, and hosting mega events. Preaching and teaching on podiums of sorts is where you feel her passion come forth which influence the heart and shape of cultural and religious views that affect the modern lady.

She reflects Humility appraised by her dignified posture and demeanor. Her greatness perpetuates as she graces the face of various events both local and nationally as her star continues to rise. Her accolodes mean less to her but are a reflection of her firm belief in God being her SOURCE and STRENGTH.

Many women are becoming Boss ladies as evidenced by the many workshops she has successfully run and impacted many to start their own journeys knowing that" if Sunshyn can do it, we too can do it" without any fear or insecurity of who they are. Birthed within this vision from God is the concept of a 'Womb-Man' reflecting her passion to birth giants in many woman and men battered and beat down by the erstwhile lack of compassion toward those of little faith.

Mrs. Nomvula Mukute is without a doubt stylish and classy. She alludes the notions of yesteryears that disregard that a woman be sidelined to the kitchen alone without exploring her hidden gifts and talents. We continue to watch as she soars from Glory to Glory and breaks forth into full bloom. She is greatness personified... A Womb-Man Is Born.

Pastor Alice Bennett, The Power of the Holy Spirit, radio interview

Doctor Alice Bennett is an international speaker and anointed minister of the gospel. She travels and ministers in healing crusades, large and small. Her outreach ministry, Alice Bennett Ministries, began in 1982. She has evangelized in over 20 nations, such as Africa, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Israel, Honduras, Egypt, and Haiti. She sees profound creative miracles of incurable diseases.

She is also currently Senior Pastor of Intimacy with Jesus Church in Scottsdale, Arizona. She founded this church in 1991. She has an “Apostolic Calling” and is
appointed by God to release the Holy Spirit and the gifts in other leaders. She does this with a powerful impartation through the laying on of hands. She is a powerful preacher with a depth of insight and a truly usable practicality. She makes “the word become flesh” in the lives of others.

She has also has a strong prophetic voice for our times, and tremendous gifts of discernment, deliverance and word of knowledge. She is devoted to worship and the
absolute Lordship of Jesus Christ. Her joy and love for people is evident. She does all her workings for the purpose of saving the lost, instruction in leadership and
bringing glory to JESUS.

Pat Carr, Author of All Dreams Matter, Interview

Oklahoma City - Pat Carr, author of “All Dreams Matter: Laws for Success from Science & Scripture,” believes that the solution to keeping people from re-entering incarceration is all of our responsibility, and that responsibility was handed down to us by God.

“There are 73 verses in the Bible instructing us to reach out to those in prison,” Carr said. “Mentoring is how the church can successfully respond to those scriptures.”

Carr asked the Bridge Assembly of God Church, Mustang, Okla., and Kris Steel, CEO of TEEM (The Education and Employment Ministry) to underwrite a video whose aim is to put a national spotlight on the proven results of mentorship. The video, entitled “Because You Can,” follows Carr as she mentors three women in transition from prison. It is free for church and public use and can be seen on, and on YouTube.

“Because You Can” has taken off. This week, the Assembly of God District Office approved the video for statewide distribution. “Mentoring is absolutely free,” Carr says. “It has the potential to save millions of dollars and change millions of lives.”

Experts, including Carr, are convinced that the answer to recidivism lies in the hands of church and community volunteers. Citing the 90 percent success rate of TEEM Carr says, “Anyone can give one hour of their time, twice a month, and everyone should.”

Carr’s personal journey includes more than her share of tragedy and has only fueled her passion to minister to others. Her mentorship career began some 30 years ago, and her dedication has redoubled. Heartbroken by the loss of her son, who struggled with alcohol and drug addiction, she volunteered to mentor through TEEM. Her personal story of redemption, however, began in her own troubled youth.

Empowered by her commitment to self-improvement, Carr leveraged the most concise and powerful laws from science and scripture to elevate herself from high school drop-out to successful business owner and entrepreneur. She is a model, image consultant, home builder, decorator, speaker and author, and was appointed by Senate Pro Tempore, Greg Treat, in July 2019 to serve on the board for the Oklahoma Commission on the Status of Women which serves as a watchdog for legislation that impacts women.

Today Carr teaches personal development classes and speaks at churches and civic organizations to promote the concept of mentoring to prevent recidivism. She also donates one copy of her book to Oklahoma prisons for each book sold. “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. “Reading is another essential element in changing the cycle of recidivism,” she says.

“There is a movement across our nation, initiated by President Trump with his new program “First Step Act” to bring justice reform to the thousands of incarcerated men and women in our nation. Stopping recidivism by mentoring is a vital first step,” Carr says. “If the solution seems too simple, I refer you to a quote by Albert Einstein, which says, “When the solution is simple, God is answering.”

If you are interested in being inspired by this book and want to purchase it, please go to 

Contact: Pat Carr

405.326.9405; wealth for 


Pastor Pete Cordova, Pastor at Douglas First Assembly, Douglas, AZ, Intimacy with Jesus, Interview

Pete Cordova, biography 

Pete Cordova is has been the Senior Pastor of Douglas First Assembly for the last 5 years.  He served as Associate Pastor at this church for 5 yrs before becoming the Senior Pastor.  He is a graduate of American Indian College of the Assemblies of God in Phoenix, AZ with a B.A. in Christian Education.  He has been an ordained minister for 30 years. He has worked in higher education for 24 years at A.I.C, Trinity Bible College and Cochise College in Douglas. He also oversees the Southeast Arizona section of the Arizona Ministry Network as a presbyter. His wife, Ana, faithfully serves beside him at Douglas First Assembly in Douglas, Arizona.

Pete Cordova,


Beverly Mcintyre, Angels, Associate Pastor at Two Rivers Church, Gilbert, AZ, Interview

Beverly Mcintyre

Change Point, Inc., is a faith-based non-profit organization founded in 1995, in Arizona. Its mission statement is to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world through international mission trips, as well as local and national Bible studies and conferences. Its founder and president, Beverly McIntyre, is an engaging speaker that has helped women in their spiritual walk and in practical ways in every corner of the world. With a sense of humor and her wealth of life experience, she brings truth to the body of Christ and a message of hope to the lost. 

She is an ordained minister who, for nine years, lead the Women’s and Single’s Ministries at  Word of Grace Church, in Mesa, Arizona. During this time, Beverly planned and taught many conferences and seminars.  
Beverly has spoken at a number of seminars, retreats, fundraisers and conferences, both nationally and internationally. As she ministers on many subjects from the Word of God, she brings truth and challenges with love, discernment, and wisdom. She loves the Word of God, and has had the opportunity to be the guest speaker for many churches from many denominations. She is able to speak at your event on whatever topic or theme your organization is focusing on. 

Beverly is currently an  Associate Pastor at Two Rivers Church in  Gilbert, AZ where she oversees Women, Missions and Prophetic Ministry.

Beverly has been married to her high school sweetheart (Bobby) since 1964.  They have 3 children, and 7 grandchildren, all of whom serve the Lord.  

Beverly Mcintyre

Akash Patel, Founder,Happy World Foundation,Testimony, Radio Interview

Akash Patel


At the Happy World Foundation Inc., we are committed to teaching our children about the world. HWF provides educators the tools and resources to incorporate global citizenship education into their curricula and school activities at all levels.

Check out our Founder’s TED talk on connecting across cultures in your schools and communities:

Akash Patel began his teaching career in very small rural communities in Oklahoma where people had never seen or met “a brown Indian guy who spoke five languages and had traveled to over 50 countries”. He used his travel experiences to design all of his lessons. For example, he used his experiences of working with elephants in South Asia to teach children to make elephant poopoopaper and map elephant DNA to study poaching patterns. He currently teaches Spanish at a Title 1 ACE (Accelerating Campus Excellence) 100% low socioeconomic middle school in Dallas and has previously taught .

Happy World Foundation Inc. Founder Akash Patel was elected to the United Nations Association of the United States of America’s National Council to serve the 2020-2022 term. The National Council meets twice a year, once during the June Leadership Summit and once in New York in early February; its working groups and subcommittees conduct business year-round by email and conference call in preparation for their semi-annual meetings.  In addition to overseeing these elections, the National Council works on issues of membership, legislative advocacy, web and social media, external communications, education, WFUNA, and the Council of Organizations. It makes recommendations to UNA-USA staff and to delegates at the Annual Meeting. Regional Representatives also work with staff to assist chapters and to help resolve issues that may arise during the year:

Akash Patel

Founder, Happy World Foundation 


Eulogy for my twin brother Happy:

TED talk on global citizenship:




Pamela Christian, Prepare for the Harvest! God’s Challenge to the Church Today, Multiple Award-Winning Author-Radio Interview

Prepare for the Harvest! God's Challenge to the Church Today

By Pamela Christian

Multiple award-winning author, Pamela Christian, explains the premise for writing this book: If a clarion call was needed to exhort people to prepare them-selves for Jesus’ first coming, how much more important is the divine ultimatum for us to prepare for Jesus’ return! Many prophetic voices speak of a great harvest of souls:

  1. Are you sufficiently informed and engaged with the
    modern culture to enable you to reach the lost for Christ?
  2. Is your church leadership trained to meet the needs of the culture while effective discipling people who have no understanding of church culture?
  3. Are you ready to welcome and disciple an influx of people some consider to be the dredges of society into your pristine church environment?

Addressing the critical urgency of the day, this book exhorts the Ekklesia to make this a time of ardent preparation or risk being found as the Church of Laodicea (Rev. 3:14:22).

Endorsed by:
Michael Brodeur, Director of
Phil Cooke, Ph.D Filmmaker, Media Consultant and Author
Steve Shultz, The Elijah List and Elijah Streams TV program

Media Contact:
Pamela Christian
Phone: 714 624-0914

About the Author: As both an apologist and charismatic Christian, Pamela Christian is rec-ognized as one who “Balances rational thought with spiritual reality.” She is an ordained international evangelist and apostle whose entire focus is to help people discover and live in life-giving truth. As a Bible student, her years of study have produced her as an effective Bible teacher, powerfully impacting conference speaker, and life-influencing award-winning author with her Faith to Live By series. Additionally, her Blog has received two distinguished awards. She’s a radio and television host who brings difficult cultural topics to bear in effort to equip the Church to be prepared to receive and minister to the billions of souls predicted to come to Christ in these last days. 

To purchase the book, Prepare for the Harvest! God's Challenge to the Church Today, please go to  

Pastor Robert Winters, Author of Prepare America!, Radio Interview, Host, Marina Maria

Rob has been preaching since 1989, had ministered as an itinerant prophet for 20 years (1996 through 2015), and led the GateKeepers International Prophetic Network from 2003 through 2008. Most recently, he, and his beloved wife Kay, planted Prepare the Way International Church in Phoenix, Arizona in January 2016.

Rob has earned a Master of Biblical Studies (M.B.S) degree from Christian International School of Theology and a Doctor of Ministry (D.Min) in Discipleship degree from Primus University of Theology. Rob also has authored six published books.

Rob’s mission encompasses not only participating in the 3rd Great Awakening, but also developing a transferable discipleship and leadership program model that effectively make disciples and develops leaders that transform culture and enforce King Jesus’ reign in cities internationally. Rob and his wife Kay have four grown children and two grandchildren.

Saffari Mission Organization, Interview,Catherine Ligard with Host, Marina Maria

Vidar and Cathrine Ligard - Biographies  

Vidar and Cathrine Ligard are the founders and executive directors of Safari Mission. They work on reversing the dependency syndrome that plagues Africa, and teach people to come out of poverty and to fix their broken systems. Many lives and communities have been changed through their work, and the people continue to teach other people in their communities the same principles. The Ligards have a strong emphasis on ethics and leadership, and empowers the locals by involving them in leadership positions and mentoring the local leaders. 

Vidar holds a bachelor in electrical engineering, a master in business administration and a certificate in ministry and mission work. Cathrine holds a bachelor in church administration and a certificate in ministry work. 


For more information about Safari Mission, please go to:

Safari Mission

Student Testimony

School Connect,Phoenix, AZ, Interview-Pastor Tracey Beal and Jill Hicks with Host Marina Maria

Tracey Beal's Biography

As Executive Director of School Connect Tracey Beal helps local schools build dynamic partnerships among business, faith, government and non-profit organizations. This model of strategic collaboration helps schools accomplish their goals while fostering win/win partnerships. In the spring of 2015 the US Department of Ed and AZ Department of Ed recognized the exceptional results of the collaborative model at Palo Verde Middle School in the Washington Elementary School District. To date School Connect has facilitated partnerships in 700 of the 2200 public & charter schools of Arizona. School Connect hosts a yearly summit at Grand Canyon University where top leaders from each of these sectors gather to learn best practices about collaboration with schools. Tracey also spearheads the Love Our Schools Day Initiative. In October 2019, 10,000 volunteers served 260 schools in 35 school districts throughout Maricopa County. Tracey serves as Pastor of Community Development at Pure Heart Church. She is a member of the AZ 21st CCLC Vision Team, District 1 Interfaith Council, the Leadership Network City Impact Learning Community, Leadership West Inc, the Global Leadership Summit Promotional Strategist and the Phoenix Youth & Education Commission. Tracey is married to David and has 4 grown children and 6 grandchildren. 

For more information about School Connect please go to:

Email: or 

Phone: 602 670 6513


Jill Hicks' Biography

Jill Hicks serves as the Director of Business Partnerships for the nonprofit School Connect. Her role is to help connect schools with the incredible community (business, faith, nonprofit, government & higher education) to build mutually beneficial, sustainable partnerships. The mission of School Connect is to build a bridge between schools and their communities so that local resources can meet student, family, teacher and school needs. School Connect currently works with 66 school districts in Arizona. Her previous role was the Director of Communications and Public Engagement for the Washington Elementary School District. Jill is currently involved with the following organizations: City of Phoenix Youth and Education Commission, ASPRA (Arizona School Public Relations Association), 19 North Board, Andy Hull’s Sunshine Foundation, Sunshine Readers ACE Mentor Board and the Moon Valley National Charity League.

Jill attended NAU and graduated from ASU with a degree in Marketing. Jill married her high school sweetheart, Matt, in 1998 and has two wonderful teenagers, David and Emma. Her favorite thing to do is make valuable connections that positively transform a community and travel with her family!

For more information about School Connect please go to: